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Jessica has been privately coaching students since 2006 in New York City,  when her colleagues and friends started calling her up to ask for help with auditions.  After many friends and students started getting callbacks and booking jobs after her coaching she began her own private coaching practice in the heart of New York working with both professionals and pre-professionals.  

Currently, she coaches students at local tampa studios, schools, theaters and in her own/other people's homes.  Jessica likes to take an individual approach with her coaching, knowing that each artist has their own path.  During our first session we will get to know each other, talk about where you are currently, where you want to be and what is needed to get you there.  I will get to know you as a person in addition to as an actor, dancer or singer so that I can really try to bring out what makes you unique in your work.  A performing artist's instrument and product is themselves.  We need to find what sets you apart and make you the best version of yourself that you can be.  

Acting work is strongly based in objective, physicality and subtext work while also playing with following your instincts while also created well-crafted performances.  For seasoned professionals, honest feedback is given as we explore the many choices you can make and decide upon the strongest ones.

Dance coaching is based on solid technique and personal "sparkle."  How can you  convey or tell a story through your movements even if you are just doing a jazz square or arabasque?  How do you feel comofortable in an audition when you have no idea what the choreography is going to be?  How do you get the most out of the energy you are giving and create the longest, most striking lines that you can while executing choreography?  These are some things we will explore during your coaching.  If you are an experienced dancer looking for more confidence, a refresher, or just some cleaning we can make sure you acheive these goals. If you are a beginner or an actor who can move we can sharpen your movement up so that your body is helping to show you off instead of distracting from you.

Vocal coaching is based in proper vocal and breathing technique and focuses on the performance aspect of your songs.  Together we will craft an exciting performance that will draw in your audience or auditioners and leave them wanting more.

Film/TV auditions will be based in choices and script analysis.  We can even use a camera to help us study as well as film and edit your videos.  

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